How to Receive a Massage

Here are some guidelines to make sure you have a positive massage experience:

  • Clean up

This is for your comfort as well as the therapists. If possible, shower before your session. If not, make sure the critical areas of your body are clean (Arm pits, groin, bottom, and feet). A bathroom is available for this purpose if you do not have time to clean up before your appointment. You may even use the shower if desired. This is your bathroom while you are at Tranquil Toad Massage, so use it freely while you are here.

  • Relax!

Do not help the therapist to move your limbs or adjust your position unless asked to do so. Be a limp noodle. Let the therapist lift and adjust your limbs as needed. This may take some practice, so don't worry if you find yourself helping from time to time. Of course you may adjust your position at any time if you are uncomfortable.

  • Express yourself

Feel free to express how you feel! If there is an issue, let the therapist know. You may moan (you like it) or groan (you don't like it) throughout the massage session. Not a problem if you like enjoying your massage in silence.

  • Breathe

Consciously breathe somewhat deeply during the session. Take deep breaths at times when you are feeling discomfort as the therapist works a tight area and when the therapist is performing a stretch.

  • Kleenex

Use provided kleenex freely. You may get a runny nose as waste materials are freed from your muscles and enter your blood stream. Grab a tissue at any time during the session.

  • Rest Room Break

Need to use the bathroom during your session? No problem. Just let the therapist know and he will step out. A robe is provided for your use.

  • Drink, drink, drink

Drink a lot of water after your session to help with the removal of waste products.

  • Sore?

If this is your first massage in a while, you may be a little sore afterward although this is not necessarily the case. It will not persist as you receive regular massage.

  • Late?

Not a concern if you are a little late for your session. Actually it is better that you are a little late rather than early at Tranquil Toad Massage.